ICT Primary Research

In my class, ICT and the Primary classroom, we were asked to find research pertaining to our country.  What I find most interesting is the amount of government help given in less developed countries.


*81% of teachers say that up to date IT is essential


  • “close to 75% of classrooms in the United States have Internet access (CEO Forum, 2000). Despite this nearly ubiquitous access to computer technology, however, there is a significant gap between the presence of technology and its usage in the classroom.”

  • “it is rarely used to its fullest potential (Royer, 2002).”


These posts are from colleagues:
We have been studying animal classification and their adaptations to the environment. As an alternative to a PPT presentation or Key Note presentation, students will create an interactive e-book in which they can record information, create games, add pictures and drawings and publish online.
The app used is called Tiny Tap and it is really easy to use.



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