Technology and the use of ICT’s within the classroom

Sam myself and I

ICT’s and various technologies, i believe are becoming an integral part of the teachers’ repertoire within the scholarly scene. The term ICT itself, or Information and  Communication Technologies encompasses all forms of technology that able us to preview, review, connect and communicate with whoever whilst wherever we may be. Looking at what Anderson (2010) has said on the USQ StudyDesk, ICT once IT (Information Technology) was used to describe floppy disks, computers, scanners, printers etc. However, in a few years time, saw the internet come into play and now laptops nearly in every school. Therefore it will be essential for us as forthcoming teachers to incorporate the use of technology into our own personal pedagogy.

I am currently studying HPE for Secondary teaching, so the ICT’s that would be evident in my classes will slightly differ to those of a regular classroom. Examples of ICT’s that i would use would…

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ICT in Primary Education

ICT in Primary Education: Transforming children’s learning across the curriculum

Why and how are teachers integrating ICT (Information and Communication Technology) into primary education? In this course we analyse examples from schools in different parts of the world, and bring professional teachers, headteachers and policymakers together to share their best ideas and inspiring stories. The materials in the course are based on studies carried out for the UNESCO Institute of IT in Education, Moscow.

ICT Primary Research

In my class, ICT and the Primary classroom, we were asked to find research pertaining to our country.  What I find most interesting is the amount of government help given in less developed countries.

*81% of teachers say that up to date IT is essential

  • “close to 75% of classrooms in the United States have Internet access (CEO Forum, 2000). Despite this nearly ubiquitous access to computer technology, however, there is a significant gap between the presence of technology and its usage in the classroom.”

  • “it is rarely used to its fullest potential (Royer, 2002).”


These posts are from colleagues:
We have been studying animal classification and their adaptations to the environment. As an alternative to a PPT presentation or Key Note presentation, students will create an interactive e-book in which they can record information, create games, add pictures and drawings and publish online.
The app used is called Tiny Tap and it is really easy to use.